A Guide to Crashing the Royal Wedding 👑

First and foremost, please know that I am neither condoning royal wedding crashing, nor planning to crash the wedding myself. (Meghan and Harry, please still love me). This is purely tongue-in-cheek. That said, here is TheTrimMag’s official guide to crashing the wedding of Miss Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

1. Know the Deets: The couple will get married at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on the 19th of May at 12:00 (7:00 AM ET). If you’d rather just see the royal couple, they will make an exhibition at 1:00 (8:00 PM ET). You need to know all of this information, possibly to get a nearby hotel, and maybe so you can hide in the chapel’s bathrooms overnight.

Here are some of our favorite hotels nearby.

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The above hotel is the Sofitel Hotel Windsor, at $129 a night, it is only a two minute walk from the castle and some rooms look out on St. George’s Chapel (so if you re-think the whole crashing idea, you can still look out. It’s on the pricier side for the area, but it’s the perfect place to stay. (Hotels in Windsor are over all significantly cheaper than hotels in London).

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The above Hotel is the Travelodge Windsor, which is a perfect, more economical option, from $39 a night and is only a 5 minute walk from Windsor Castle (no view though). If you are sure you want to crash, it’s the perfect option.

2. Look the Part: this may seem like obvious advice, but it works. You may remember a couple of years ago when Michelle and Tareq Salahi crashed a White House state dinner for the prime minister of India. When security was asked why the couple were admitted though they were not on the approved list, the response was that they “looked the part,” i.e. Mrs. Salahi was wearing a red sari. For the royal wedding, a sari would probably not be be looking the part, instead, try a fascinator or a Beatrice and Eugenie inspired look.

0BD3B1F400000578-3613581-image-a-22_1464390810521.jpg          For a clear indication of what to wear, the royal wedding invitation from                Will and Kate’s wedding is probably a good indication. The invitation said, for men, “a (military) uniform, a morning coat, or a lounge coat.” The assumed attire for women would be covered shoulders, hem lines at the knee or below, pumps (not wedges) in short, Sunday best.

Victoria Beckham pulled it off flawlessly


Now that you have a few tips, good luck on crashing the royal wedding; if you succeed (and don’t get arrested), please comment your pictures.





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