Some Updates… Letter from the Editor

Hi Everyone!

As you may know, I’m in my senior year, and it’s like climbing Everest (or what I assume climbing Everest is like, I don’t climb mountains), but I’ve definitely grown from the experience.

All my apps, letters, and willyoupleaseacceptme pies are in, so I’m ready to return to the site with more consistency. I then thought, what better time than now for a face lift, and after I completely disregarded that idea, I thought it might be time to make some changes on the site’s layout.

You will find new categories (in addition to fashion of course), like Arts and Culture, Fun Stuff, and Essays. Arts and Culture combines our previous categories, travel and news, with a new emphasis on studio arts. (See, I’m maturing, like a nice grape juice, – remember, I don’t talk about alcohol, I’m still trying to get into college). We will even be launching a new podcast series about different museums in New York. Fun Stuff is sort of a catchall; we will have quizzes, recommendations, interviews. Finally, essays will be updated weekly with a new essay either by my self, or by someone I have asked to write an essay. Each week will be a particular subject. If you think that you have a good essay, please email with your submission.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the current changes and the ones still to come.

All love,

Dorothy 😘

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