Alexander Wang Show Report and Takeaways πŸ‘—


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All images via Marcus Tondo for Vogue

Alexander Wang is well-known for his emphasis on black and white, kinky accents, and fun accessories, and while he brought all of these signature elements to his F/W 18 show, this collection seemed to be more serious than those in the past. Perhaps, after last fall’s Wang Fest (Alexander Wang’s wild post-show party) eclipsed the clothing itself. This collection was extremely mature: there were no t-shirts or fun hats. It was all about the clothing.


  1. Wang did not give up his signature colors and styles in favor of bright colors and and gems like other designers. Moreover, he did not appear to focus on the “instagrammability” of a look; he focused on cut and artistic quality. He did, however, incorporate lots of fabrics into every look.
  2. He continued theΒ The Matrix trend prevalent in the fashion world today with the Matrix style glasses and black duster coats.
  3. Almost every look either had a cinch built-in or was belted. Though a cinched waist is always fashionable, belts haven’t been seen much on runways recently.
  4. Every it-girl is going to want some of those Alexander Wang high waisted underwear. These seem to be Wang’s response to Dior’s underwear and bralettes last year, and while Dior’s pieces were lovely, Wang’s was edgy and cool.
  5. It evoked YSL by Hedi Slimane. After Slimane’s departure from YSL last year, every collection from every major designer seems to have been focused on the Whimsical. Wang kept his own dark, edgy look but used some of Slimane’s signature 80s look. It’s rare to see 80s done in black and white but Wang pulled it off flawlessly.

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