Palm Beach City Guide ✈️


Don’t get me wrong, I love New York, but it’s flipping cold here right now. And it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so I’m currently praying that we get a snow day.

When it’s extra cold, I like to *visualize* by going through photos of warmer times, and I came across some pictures of my last trip to Palm Beach and decided to make a city guide.

Start your day at the ever swanky (and ever expensive) apincSant Ambroeus which is doubtless the best Sant Ambroeus (purely from an interior point of view). It’s also a perfect location to start the day, as it is in the Royal Poinciana Plaza, one of the coolest malls that I have ever seen because it is outside and filled with flowers and sculptures.

Photography taken by Nicole Franzen for Architectural Digest

After breakfast (or brunch depending on what time you get up in the morning), explore Royal Poinciana Plaza, which essentially describes itself as quaint luxury.

In the plaza, you will find luxury stores, like Hermès as well as lovely (but still pricey) stores, like Kirna Zabete, which carries luxury brands (like Gucci, Chloe, and Valentino), as well as random nick-nacks, like feminist pencils and byredo perfume.

Kirna Zabete Palm Beach (taken by Dorothy Scarborough)
Kirna Zabete Palm Beach (taken by Dorothy Scarborough)

After Kirna Zabete, go over to The Flagler Museum (a ten minute walk), and look at one of the most beautiful historic homes in the area. At The Flagler Museum, you can have a fabulous tea, depending on the time you are there, but the real draw is the train. The previous occupant of the house was an oil and railway magnate who also started the famous Breakers Hotel, and he was extremely wealthy. As such, he had his own train car built for when he traveled, and it’s on display at the museum.

From the Flagler Museum’s Website
A picture of the train car (Credit: Dov Makabaw sundry/Alamy)

After going to The Flagler Museum, stop at the true icon of Palm Beach, The Breakers Hotel. Start off by walking around and exploring (which you can do even if you aren’t a guest). It has beautiful grounds and a lovely view of the beach. At the hotel is the famous Seafood Bar, an absolutely incredible (and incredibly pricey) seafood restaurant.

After lunch, go over to to one of the most famous areas of Palm Beach, Worth Avenue, another beautiful shopping area, but one with mid-priced shops like Kate Spade and Vineyard Vines as well as Tiffany and Co. and Gucci. My favorite spot without a doubt is Raptis Rare Books, which is a used book store, but not just any used book store. They have first editions of The Catcher in the Rye and The Great Gatsby, signed James Bond books, and a countess’s copy of Love in a Cold Climate. 

While in Worth Avenue, do some more shopping and explore. Though it’s a bit of a walk (off of Worth Avenue), there’s a wonderful store called C. Orrico which sells Lily Pulitzer everything (bikes, yoga pants, whatever you can think of). Nearby, go to The Church Mouse, a vintage store selling every perfect maximalist beach item you can think of, selling every brand from Jimmy Choo to Land’s End. It’s also in a lovely neighborhood (see pictures below), that looks like it was designed from a model of the Mediterranean.

Finally, for dinner, try Palm Beach favorite, Buccan, a small plates, lively restaurant a block of C. Orrico. 

Buccan, from an article by Sonia Tita Puopolo for

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