How Well Do You Know the British Royal Family?

As season two of the brilliant tv show, The Crown, comes to Netflix, we invite one to test one’s knowledge of the royal family.


👑 Question 1. Which was not a name of one of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis?

A) Monty                                     B) Sherry

C) Oxo                                           D) Emma


Fun fact: The Queen’s corgis are carried off of her private plan after travel.

🇬🇧Question 2. Which of the following buildings is not a royal residence?

A) The Palace of Holyroodhouse
B) Blenheim Palace
C) Hillsborough Castle
D) Birkhall


👑 Question 3. At what age did age did Queen Elizabeth announce that she would no longer answer to the name Lizbet?

A) 11                                       B) 13

C) 15                                        D) 18


🇬🇧Question 4. Which cocktail does the queen drink every day? 

A) A Cosmopolitan                        B) Rum Punch

C) Pim’s Cup                                      D) Gin and Dubonnet


👑 Question 5. Which country has the queen never visited? 

A) Japan                                           B) Greece

C) Nepal                                            D) Ireland


🇬🇧Question 6. In what outfit did the then 3-year-old Prince George meet President and Mrs. Obama? 

A) A soldier’s uniform                                     B) A Superman cape

C) A robe and slippers                                     D) A dress

👑 Question 7. How much did Princess Charlotte’s yellow sweater, worn in a birthday portrait taken by her mother Kate Middleton, cost? (In dollars, not pounds) Princess-Charlottes-second-birthday.jpg

                 A) $23                                B) $47

                 C) $112                                D) $242

🇬🇧Question 8. Which of the queen’s children has never been divorced? 

A) Prince Charles
B) Prince Edward
C) Princess Anne


D) Prince Andrew


👑Question 9. Who did Margot Robbie think Prince Harry was when they first met? prince-harry-style-formal-casual-ibdl-ss05.jpg

A) Kit Harrington                              B) Ed Sheeran

C) Prince William                              D) Chris Martin

🇬🇧Question 10. At what ages did Charles and Diana respectively, marry?


A) 32 and 19                                 B) 41 and 18

C) 26 and 42                                 D) 30 and 29



  1. Answer: C) Oxo — This is a bit of a trick question because though the Queen did not have a corgi called Oxo, she did have a cocker spaniel called Oxo. Read this fantastic wikipedia page about the queen’s corgis, appropriately called “Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis,” here:
  2. Answer: B) Blenheim Palace — Blenheim is the home to the Dukes of Marlborough (who are very closely related to Winston Churchill). It is the only non-royal residence which carries the title of palace.
  3. Answer: B) 13 — Apparently, at 13 Elizabeth made a grand declaration that she would only answer to Elizabeth from now on.
  4. Answer: D) Gin and Dubonnet — The Queen drinks a lot, like a lot a lot. Like three drinks before breakfast a lot. Besides her Gin and Dubonnet, she drinks a glass of champagne before bed, a dry gin martini in the evening, and wine at lunch. Of course she drinks her gin and dubonnet in the morning.
  5. Answer: B) Greece — Due to complex international relationships relating to the Queen’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who was born a prince of Greece, the Queen is not allowed to visit Greece. Fun fact! For similar reasons, she also has never visited Israel
  6. Answer: C) A robe and slippers — Prince George famously deigned to visit the Obamas while he was about to go to bed. He wore a robe and slippers.
  7.  Answer: A) $23 — Charlotte wore a $23, that’s right $23, sweater from English high street chain, John Lewis. However, when the pictures were released, the sweater sold out instantly.
  8. Answer: B) Prince Edward — Edward and his wife, Sophie, have been happily married since 1999 and have two children. Edward is also the youngest of the Queen’s children.
  9.  Answer: B) Ed Sheeran — Actress Margot Robbie confused the two famous gingers when she and Harry first met at a party in London. The two are now good friends.
  10. Answer: A) 32 and 19 — Charles was almost thirteen years older than Diana when the two married. Interestingly, Kate Middleton and Prince William are almost exactly the same age, with Kate being a few months older (well they did meet in college after all).


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