Je Glosse (from the French, glossier, vb: to be awesome)

It’s true what they say, you never forget your first – balm dotcom that is. I got my first as a three pack in a cigarette-style case on net-a-porter (you youngens may not remember this, but for a brief moment the worlds of porter and glossier collided). It was my obsession. I still have the box today.


Fast forward and I have more glossier products than I can actually use. If you’re just starting out, I would recommend the priming moisturizer riche (which honestly doesn’t get enough buzz), the body hero duo, and the balm dot com in cherry (which gives a color so light and fresh it could be confused with cherry juice).

As you’ve probably gathered, I love glossier. I always thought I was a matte girl, but one swipe of their lip gloss and a bit of cloud paint (in puff) and I was a dewy girl for life.


That said, their makeup is incomparable to their skincare. People like to complain that their makeup isn’t made for people who have bad skin, and frankly that’s true. The point of glossier is skin first, makeup second. Get your base down pat and you have the world at your (forgive the pun) brush tips. If you have problem skin, and obviously, there are a plethora of reasons that are certainly not an person’s fault, glossier beauty might not be for you, but the skincare might be.



I can personally endorse almost all of the skincare (with the exception of the sunscreen which has much to low of an SPF for me and the priming moisturizer which I just haven’t tried). If you want to delve past the balm dotcom, I beg you to try the serums and masks. I love the super bounce and super pure, which in just a few hours make my Wednesday all-nighter skin look like baby fresh Sunday morning. With the masks, if you can afford it, I would highly recommend getting both and using each in succession (green first and then blue); they smell so nice, and it feels like you have given your skin a deep cleaning. Finally, I have to say a week later, I am obsessed with the body hero lotion. I have really dry hands all the time, and my crackage has almost disappeared. It has a smell that not everyone will like, which I can only describe has baby powder oranges, but it really is a miracle worker; also a plus, the bottle is huge.


Have any of you tried glossier? Reply in the comments.



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