Our Favorite Style: Netflix’s The Crown

Eight months ago, The Crown arrived on Netflix to universal acclaim, envy, and an understanding that the Kardashians are in no way royalty: they can’t hold a candle to the house of Windsor’s drama.

Here’s how to dress like the prim and proper, but ever stylish, Elizabeth.

Perhaps one of the most famous pieces of information that we have learned about the show is that the replica of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding dress cost about $35,000, a bit more than the one that the Queen herself saved up for using ration stamps. the-crown-netflix-queen-elizabeth.jpg

Though the detailing is beautiful, it’s a bit elaborate for non bridal circumstances. Instead, we took inspiration from the shape: a fitted bodice, a crew neckline, and large sleeves, and we came up with this.




With this ultra fun look, it’s a bit more difficult because we have to modernize it, otherwise it will look a bit costumey. The really important thing for me was to keep the hat, which is fantastic.





This dress screams Gucci. In fact, I would’t be surprised if the entire outfit was Gucci. It’s all prim and proper, but still fun and fashionable, an excellent combination for the young monarch. This look pairs best with pearls, but maybe skip the stockings.



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