Juice Cleanse Diary

Alright, so truth be told, I’m not into fasting, rabbit food, or any diet that restricts my pasta intake, which is why I decided to do a one day juice cleanse for the website. It’s not a big commitment, and due to my non UES diet, if there’s a change, I will feel it.

I chose to do a Pressed Juicery cleanse because I liked the sound of it (vs the Juice Pressed cleanse even though I lovvee their GLO juice). Why did I like the sound of it? Variation. The Pressed Juicery cleanses range from 1 (easiest) to 3 (hardest) with a choice of 1 day, 3 days or 5 days. Since I was only doing a 1 day cleanse, I wanted to up the pain a little bit and chose a no 2.

I was told that a one day cleanse is a great foray into the world of juicing, as well as a gut-clean-out, and even could help you wake up happier, which is actually why I chose it. I had a very early flight the next morning, so I was hoping the cleanse might make it easier.

My goal was to do it on a normal day (well a productive day, a normal day is netflix and seamless), so that I could actually see how I might live with one. So in the morning, I studied from 6:30 until  7:30, then I worked out, packed for a trip, studied for a little while longer, and watched the Kardashians with my sister. In the afternoon, I had to run some errands so I went to the Cooper Hewitt and Sugarfina to buy party supplies for my 18th, and Sugarfina to buy candy for vacation.

Here is the cleanse I did.

The no 2 one day cleanse includes the following:

2 //pressed-qa-static.s3.amazonaws.com/f48a3c46_0032_426d_9dad_13cab76b3eec
Greens 2apple, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon, parsley, romaine, spinach

DescriptionLeafy greens. Refreshing citrus. A touch of sweet apple. Greens 2 is a staple when you want all the goodness of a greens juice, but are still easing into the pressed juice habit.


TheTrim Rating: 8/10. This actually tasted pretty good, and felt very good, considering I drank it first thing in the morning, which makes sense considering it was a puréed salad with kale, spinach, and romaine. The one drawback was that it certainly did not fill me; I was certainly hungry but really didn’t want a juice.

2 //pressed-qa-static.s3.amazonaws.com/1dab7f84_0b01_48c9_bc00_9d067b097f35
Citrus 2apple, lemon, mint, pineapple

DescriptionThis enzyme rich juice is filled with phytonutrients and bromelin which helps to reduce inflammation. Drink it before a meal to get digestive juices flowing.


TheTrim Rating: 6/10. I thought I would love this one because I love all of the flavors in it, and  I actually like the combination of pineapple and apple, but this was really unrefreshing. I don’t know why, but it just felt uncomfortable. However, it did feel much more filling. The problem was that it was almost noon by the time I drank it, so I was starving. (I get up at 6).

2 //pressed-qa-static.s3.amazonaws.com/2555dfee_0836_4881_a979_ea596e6a79e4
Greens 3apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, kale, lemon, parsley, romaine, spinach

DescriptionCraving some zip in your green juice? Enjoy the kick of ginger in this delicious blend of leafy greens and sweet apple.


TheTrim Rating: 7/10. I felt like this one was trying to be a lighter version of the first one because it was later in the day, but I am hungrier later in the day, so maybe it was supposed to be a portion control type of thing, but portion control when you are just eating veggies feels a bit ridiculous.

2 //pressed-qa-static.s3.amazonaws.com/6f76657a_73ad_4712_8d01_1d56c13e46f8
Roots 3apple, beet, ginger, lemon

DescriptionBeets help your body to release stomach acid which aids digestion! Drink this juice when you want a snack that’s both pretty and nutritious!


TheTrim Rating: 8/10. Actually liked this a lot, at least the flavor, again it wasn’t super filling. What I really like are the beets; they are great in juice.

2 //pressed-qa-static.s3.amazonaws.com/7ac852d4_e894_411e_96e7_84b5ccf49331
Citrus 1aloe vera, coconut water, cucumber, lemon, pineapple

DescriptionLight and refreshing, Citrus 1 is our lowest sugar Citrus juice. Coconut water and cucumbers add plenty of electrolytes and make it ultra-hydrating. Plus, pineapple, lemon and aloe vera are all natural, great natural digestive aids and help regulate metabolism!


TheTrim Rating: 7/10. Everything is great except one thing: the coconut water. I really do like coconut water, but it doesn’t pair well with aloe vera or cucumber.

2 //pressed-qa-static.s3.amazonaws.com/ff2e6266_45eb_41f6_acc7_35f7ba5727a6
Vanilla Almondalmond, dates, sea salt, vanilla bean

DescriptionRaw almonds and vanilla provide protein, healthy fats, minerals and B-complex vitamins. Our customers swear that it’s ice cream in a bottle.


TheTrim Rating: 10/10. They said it was ice cream in a bottle, and though I disagree with that slightly, it’s certainly delicious, and it feels like a reward after a long and somewhat unsatisfying day.


As well as:

  1. Aloe vera h2o
    aloe vera h2o

    I would say just is what it sounds, but what would that even mean? It’s kind of like old cucumber hint water, so not amazing. Good, but not amazing.

  2. Clorophyll H2O

chlorophyll h2o

Surprisingly, this was really good, and cold, it was even better. Super refreshing,          and fun to look at – a bit like a potion from Harry Potter.


Final Thoughts:

I wouldn’t sat that I was ultra hungry over-all; there were moments of hunger, but it was certainly not starvation. However, I did feel tired and cranky for a few hours, but I would imagine that would go away if I did the cleanse for a few days as my body got used to the difference.

For next time:

Make a plan. That was the one thing I regretted over all was not making a plan. Say that you will drink juice x by 10 AM, because I stayed up late trying to finish the last few drinks.

They’re better cold. Every juice is better cold; they need to be refreshing to be drinkable, so keep em cold because they need to be refreshing.

Have you all cleansed? Tell us what you think of them.

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