The British Invasion Takes New York: The Rolling Stones Present Exhibitionism

The Rolling Stones have crossed the pond – again. The Stones’ new exhibit, entitled Exhibitionism, currently being shown in downtown Manhattan, has a display of instruments, wardrobe, handwritten lyrics and more from the last 50 years.


Taken By Dorothy Scarborough

The exhibit starts in a large room full of recordings of the band from over 1963 to today, in London, New York and all over the world. Continuing down a hallway you arrive in a model of what is, bewhilderingly, the band’s first apartment.

From the Exhibitionism Website

Some other highlights of the exhbit included incredibly detailed architectural models of some of the Stones’ stadiums, and some incredible YSL – esque jackets.

From the Exhibitionism Website
From the Exhibitionism Website

The exhibit ended with every Instagrammer’s dream: a huge pink brick tunnel. Here are some of our editors in the hall.

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