How To Keep Your Soft Skin in The Winter

Sadly, at least for our skin, we have gotten to the point that winter has become undeniable, and though it’s not all bad (think knit turtlenecks and suede boots), our skin is in crisis mode. But fear not, cracked lips and chapped skin are avoidable – if you have the right battle armor.

Consider moisturizer the chest plate of your battle armor: it’s obvious and it works. Here are some of our favorites:

Now Eyes: winter means long nights and lots of work, so circles: big circles.

For me, there is nothing more important than hands – how do you drink hot chocolate with peeling hands?

Winter is full of kissing holidays. Take your pick: under the tree at Rockefeller Plaza the day before Christmas, over waffles at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve or at the movies on Valentine’s Day. Your lips should have no problem combatting frostbite with these pint-size saviors. 

Hey, if all else fails, there are always snapchat filters.

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