High Fashion Halloween

  1. Marie Antoinette: The original it-girl of style is perfect inspiration for your Halloween wardrobe; all you need is some over the top costume jewelry and pale pink everything, and voi-là, you’re ready for the most extravagant night.


2. Coco Chanel: Be inspired by an inspiration; you will need a black dress a costume jewelry, and of course Madame Chanel’s famous attitude.


3. Margo Tennenbaum: she’s one of Wes Anderson’s most stylish characters, and that coat will keep you warm if it’s a chilly Halloween night.


4. Taylor Swift at the Met Gala: This might be one you have to explain to people, but if you’re willing to make that sacrifice, you can be the most stylish of your friends.


5. Anna Wintour: Well you can either say that you’re being your fantasy or that you’re being a witch. Either way, you will look impossibly chic, just don’t forget to get the right wig!


6. Penny Lane: This is a look you might be able to pull right out of your closet; a big coat (preferably tan and/or fluffy) with a crop top/lacy tank/any 70s inspired shirt, a mini skirt, and some costume 70’s glasses to finish off the look and you’re ready to rock.


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