Currently Trending: Vogue Endorses Hillary Clinton

America’s 2016 presidential race has arguably been the most polarizing in the country’s history. The polarization between the two main parties of the United States has boiled over during this tough time, that said, for many the choice is clearer than ever. Either you like Trump or you don’t. It then, of course becomes a question of lesser evils vs likability, but the largest question in the race is certainly: do you think Trump is a devil or a savior.


Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.49.00 PM.png
Vogue’s Current Issue


As a result, many who aren’t generally especially politically active have thrown their weight behind one candidate or another, have chosen to make their political alliances known. The latest news: Vogue is rallying behind Hillary Clinton.

Now, if you follow the storied magazine on Instagram, you might have assumed that it had already made this announcement, but it was actually only two days ago that Vogue, collectively, made the statement, announcing their first ever endorsement of a candidate for president. In fact, if you do follow Vogue on Instagram, and have seen their political posts of the last few months, you may have also seen some of the comments expressing wishes for the magazine to stay out of politics and go back to fashion.

These are some of the comments from Vogue’s official Instagram Account:



“Unfollowed 💩”


“Isn’t it amazing how many that have never made endorsements before are making them this time since Mrs MoneyBags is in the run. It’s sick.”

“now I have to freaking cancel my subs’

The two bottom comments seem to represent the majority of the comments of the people who disagree with Vogue. The two general ideas being that Vogue is about fashion and should, therefore, stay out of politics and that Secretary Clinton is a bad person.


Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.48.47 PM.png
Clinton photographed by Annie Leibovitz 


Now, all political beliefs aside (in fact on the website, we have writers in a few different camps), we believe that Vogue made the right choice by giving a political endorsement. It’s true that Vogue is a fashion magazine, but it’s also about culture, news, and the modern life, and part of life right now is the election. In fact, I think politics should always be a part of Vogue, perhaps it may be unpopular, but the magazine has a massive readership throughout the country and even the world, and if it believes that the country will be better by having Mrs. Clinton has its president, then they should rally behind her. They understand their power, their reader (or at least their desired reader), and she, at this time, lines up with Mrs. Clinton’s ideas (or at least not Mr. Trumps). Why should Vogue have to keep back

Why should Vogue have to keep back its beliefs fashion has always been political? From the emergence of women wearing pants at the turn of the 20th century to Dior’s Feminist t-shirts at the 2017 Spring/Summer show, there has always been political controversy in fashion. Perhaps, Vogue is even late to the game by only making its political beliefs official now, but it’s bold and it’s noble that the magazine, especially in a day when magazines are fighting new media at every turn (meaning that the magazine could lose money over this choice) has chosen to make an unpopular decision.

You can read Vogue’s Endorsement of Hillary Clinton here.


Vogue promotes voting with models and designers including Kendall Jenner

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