Upgrade Your Manicure: The New Fall Colors

With the arrival of colder temps, it’s time to move away from lilacs and bubblegum pinks and turn to darker colors. However, darker does not mean boring, and we’re here to help you update your mani with these tips and tricks.

Tip #1: Go a few shades darker or lighter than your usual color. For example, if you’re a sucker for a good blackish, red like Wicked from Essie, lighten up to a purple(y) red or darken to a chocolate brown.

Tip #2: Don’t shy away from unconventional colors. Dark green, burnt sienna, and eggplant purple can make a statement and still look professional enough for the day to day.

Tip #3: If you absolutely cannot give up your favorite color from the summer, bring it into fall with by finding the same color with a matte finish. A matte look instantly makes any manicure chicer and less summery.


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