In what was certainly the most attention-grabbing show of PFW, Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Data Center showed the fashion world that the future is certainly here. The show was opened by shiny plastic robots, wearing the classic Chanel suit originated by Mademoiselle herself. The whole tie in between tradition and nouveau ties in with Chanel’s eau No. 5 release, which will bring together classic scents from the original No. 5 parfum as well as modern fresher scents. Read our article here for more.

The space-age look brought back thoughts of Louis Vuitton’s anime model, Final Fantasy, who was criticized at the time for setting a literally impossible expectation for women’s bodies. That said, while the robots look like something from Star Wars, it’s not necessarily the same idea. No one wants humans to be robots; it’s not as if they have traditionally perfect bodies is it?

It was beautifully and interestingly curated show, and though perhaps the baseball caps brought back some not so wonderful memories though the clothes were perhaps not Lagerfeld’s best of his career, they were lovely; however, there was a real highlight in the shoes and accessories.

Here are some pictures of our favorite looks:


All via Elle.com

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