Chanel No. 5, You Know Me and You Don’t


Chanel Number 5 is arguably the most iconic perfume in the world, so why is there so much publicity around it all of a sudden? It is because in matter a fact, Chanel is changing the perfume, in a way. L’eau is Chanel’s latest member of the No 5 family, and is meant to appeal to the younger audience. Indeed, many of us first saw Chanel perfume bottles on our grandmother’s vanities when we were little girls, and many American World War Two sailors famously brought bottles of the elegant scent home for their sweethearts from France. L’eau is essentially a millennial’s Chanel No 5, said to be filled with notes of May Rose, citrus, and sandal wood, bringing lighter, fresher tones to the traditional scent which similarly had a base of May Rose.


Oliver Polge, The Master Perfumer Behind The New Scent



Oliver Polge, the perfumer behind the scent has apparently been working on the scent for over three years, and all the ingredients take “386 days to harvest” (via The perfume is rather a modern interpretation than a replacement, but seemingly a very necessary one. Young women these days tend to go for light, breezy, foresty scents, such as Joe Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt scent which seems to be ever popular among young women.

The New Chanel No 5, “L’Eau” Bottle


It seems only appropriate that Polge is taking on this step in No 5’s journey, considering the fact that Polge’s father Jacques was Chanel’s Perfumer from the late 70s until 2013, when Oliver took over. The scent was created to bring elements of old and new to the iconic scent, and there was truly no one more ideally situated for the job than Polge (the younger).


The face of this scent is none other than Lily-Rose Depp, who truly could not have been more perfect for the job, she is obviously beautiful and young, but more than that she is a modern Chanel girl. She is half-French and half-American, so she can relate to the French Maison’s roots, and bring the all important Americana vibe, which can be seen in all of Lagerfeld’s shows through the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Finally, like Polge, Chanel runs in Lily-Rose’s family. Her mother, Vanessa Paradis, is a French singer and actress who was at one time the face of Chanel No 5. With Oliver Polge and Lily-Rose Depp as the driving forces behind the new scent, Chanel has made it clear that the scent is all about nostalgia with a fresh face.

So yes, it is true that it is time to say goodbye to Chanel’s current version of Chanel No 5, Eau de Toilette, which is sitting on my vanity as we speak, but sailors are not coming back from World War Two anymore, it is a new world, and in order for Chanel to stay in its current position of dominance, it needs to update with the times.

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