WCW: Kirstin Dunst


This week’s WCW is Kirstin Dunst; she is a phenomenal actress, and she always does the most fashionable roles; she always looks amazing (though if she has a stylist, we have to thank her too). Of course, we also loves how funny she is, and her charity work. Here are our top 10 favourite Kirstin Dunst moments.

  1. Everything in Marie Antoinette:


2. …And the ensuing Marie Antoinette September Vogue Cover and Storyteen-queen-04_11420575027.jpg

3. This Video


4. That kiss…d3d32de901993a74ec6b75221b1dfc86.jpg

5. This look from May 23, 2012


6. This look from the Jumanji Premiere on December 10, 199554a8a602e8251_-_elle-14-birthdays-kirstin-dunst-xln-xln.jpg

7.The Melancholia Movie Poster (and obviously the wonderful movie)


8. Fargo season 2 (speaking of Emmys, she was robbed)


9. Bring It Onbring-it-on-dunst.jpg

10. This Glam Shot From The CFDAs This YearCkTTZvTW0AAqc_N.jpg

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