In Honor of LFW: 35 Hours and 30 Minutes of Fashion in London (The Fantasy Version Anyway)

Arrival: Though you may arrive in the early hours of the morning or the middle of the night, in this perfect world, you arrive (via your private Jet) at 6:30, relaxed and ready to go.

8:00 – Arrive at the Hotel: If Buckingham Palace can’t possibly hold you, we prefer the London Marriott Park Lane. It’s not the Ritz or Claridges, but that’s not the point – the Location is fabulous and the pool is even better.

10:00 – Late breakfast at the Cereal Killer CafĂ©. Walk around Shoreditch to look at the amazing street art and beautiful scenery. You can wonder around the Shoreditch area stopping in vintage, makeup and odds and ends along shops.

11:30 – The National Portrait Gallery is a wonderful well, portrait gallery. Our favorite is JK Rowling’s small light box portrait, but they also have classical artists and musicians, a famous Jane Austen portrait, and of course, Kate Middleton.

2:00 – Head over to Selfridges for some shopping, if you’re hungry, pick up a light healthy snack at the Hemsley and Hemsley restaurant. Downstairs (WAY downstairs, in the basement), there is a glass counter of odds and ends along where you can get some of our favorite Vanessa Arizaga bracelets, funky sunglasses, and other little things to bring home. The best part of the whole department store has to be of course, the Food Hall. The oh, so amazing food hall is stalked with rainbow bagels, every type of pressed juice in the world, and the most delectable pintrest worthy cakes.

4:15 – Tea: Brown’s is an obvious choice, and for good reason, but we recommend the Berkley. Their prĂŞt-a-port tea is one of the most fabulous out there. Each season all the delicious goodies get switched out based on the fashion collections, and the setting is absolutely lovely.

5:45 – Walk around Kensington Gardens, and wonder around those fabulous greens, but don’t forget to look at Kensington Palace, William and Kate’s house (no biggy).

7:45 – Light dinner and Drinks at the famous Sketch restaurant. Even if you don’t know the name, you would probably recognize the plush pink interiors and space agey bathroom.

8:00 – Get up!! Go down to the fabulous hotel pool and take a pre breakfast dip.

10:00 – Brunch they way the movie stars do it at Chiltern firehouse. Last spring, the night before I was there Madonna had drama there with her young son.

11:30 – Head over to Liberty’s for a spot of shopping, or at least for some flowers and pictures. In my opinion, they have the best beauty and skincare counter of the London department stores, but they’re more famous for their floral prints and beautiful architecture. (Hint hint… INSTAGRAM here).

1:30 – 4:00 – Shopping: Topshop, Zara, this and that. Yes, now it’s time to take the high street by storm.

4:40 – 6:00 – Tea at Claridges – if you are looking for classic, you can’t get better than Claridges, and if you know fashion, you might recognize the tea room for its many appearances in British Vogue.

Alright, so that’s 35 hours and 30 minutes in London, so no matter what type of year you go, it will be a fashion(able) week.



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