Mission Statement


So, we hope you are enjoying yourself on our website. We think it’s important to define what we’re doing here because we’re sure it seems a bit random; hopefully, this will link it all together. This website is run by three teenage girls, and while we’re sure you can easily make fun of that, we’re just starting to try and figure the world out, something you do until you’re 95. We love fashion, trends, and culture, and while those topics will make up a great deal of the site, they aren’t the entire thing. We like to consider ourselves well rounded, so we will also be talking about local, national and international news as well. We think it’s important to not live in a square, we’re trying to show that you can love style, but be concerned with the world at the same time, and not only that, but we are also trying to show that actually, some of the world’s most important news stories (though obviously not all), have to do with fashion.

We also think it’s very important to have opinions, at least part of the time, so what you’re seeing will be real reviews – what we like and don’t like makes up who we are, so it will obviously influence our content. When we aren’t working (cough-cough procrastinating) on homework we participate in our School newspaper, Debate club, Model UN, Art Club, Entrepreneurs Club among others, and we hope those will give us the qualifications needed to be a resource of knowledge, of humor, and of style whenever and where ever.

I think it’s also important to explain our name, truth be told it took a long time to chose it because the three of us all have strong personalities and all wanted to claim the right, but our name was chosen by one of the reasons we started this website. If you yourself run a website you may know that “you want to be everything for someone but not something for everyone,” which we didn’t want to do as we wanted to cover a more vast range of topics  (looking back on it, I know that’s kind of crazy), so this our trimmed down version of what we think is important.

We hope you enjoy this, our trimmed down world, and will continue to learn and explore your world with us,

The Trim Mag team,

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