What We’re Excited About This Week

By Dorothy Scarborough

As you may know, fashion week is almost upon us – the essential official beginning is tomorrow’s Tom Ford show, but there is so much happening before then too. For me, the week is a bit tainted by I start school tomorrow (eek!), but all the awesome stuff that’s coming makes up for it.

Social Media:

This is a huge week for fashion and media. There are three really big things happening:

The Blonde Salad Re-launch: You may not have heard of Chiara Ferragni (but the moment you read this, I promise you she will start popping up everywhere – that’s what happened to me), she is perhaps the fashion blogging world’s greatest success story. She is smart capable and really inspiring – why? She is a pioneer in her field, but she didn’t plan on the success, in fact she graduated law school before she started working for her blog – theblondesalad.com full time. This Wednesday she and her team – The TBS Crew – launch their new site, which now has a store full of unique vintage pieces, and blonde salad collaborations you can’t find anywhere else.

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2. The Vogue Discover on Snapchat-

Personally, I feel like this was a long time coming. Discoveries like Refinery29 and Cosmopolitan definitely talk about fashion and culture – like Vogue, but from what we have seen so far, Vogue’s discover set to be video based and full of our favorite people – today had the editor and chief of fashion’s “bible” as well as Taylor Hill and Miranda Kerr, but this is only day 1. Vogue’s discover actually might be a bit different because the next one is set to be uploaded on Friday, but maybe it will be daily after that – and what better time to than fashion month!

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3. The Release of the new iPhone

This is set to be one of Apple’s most controversial to date, and though many are beginning to get used to the idea that headphone jacks are set to be a thing of the past, it still stings a bit. The newest leaks say that instead of Bluetooth “ear pods” as was earlier reported, iPhones will come with ear buds that plug into the lighting port (aka the charging hole) as well as an adaptor so you can plug in your old earbuds. In addition, there will be a duel lens system (at least on the back lens). iPhone photographers everywhere rejoice – this will be a HUGE improvement for you all. It is also believed that storage capacity will increase with the iPhone 7+ holding as much as 256 GB, and that new colors will be added (with the elimination of the space gray color), improved speakers and even some water resistance (gasp). That said, nothing’s for certain until tomorrow 1:00 PM ET.


iPhone 7 renderings with different types of duel lens cameras


4. Fashion Week

There is a lot going on this week – from Marc Jacobs live on the site store show to Tommy Hilfiger’s fun fair themed presentation, and we will be talking about it all week (and all month as the rest of the Fashion Weeks role around) with our top street style and cat walk pics as well as a schedule for our favorite events.



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