It’s Saturday, and as you may know, that means Smorgasbord Williamsburg, arguably the best Smorgasbord. If you’re in the city this long weekend, it’s always a good idea to go to Williamsburg and eat some amazing food.

So, since Labor day is a long food eating weekend, you have to think carefully about what you actually want to eat because you need to save room. Here are my tips for Smorgasbord:

  1. Start early – it opens at 11 am, so while that doesn’t mean the crack of dawn, don’t have a late morning in bed and expect to escape the lines.
  2. Bring cash! Lots of cash because almost nowhere accepts credit cards, so if you want to eat bring cash.
  3. Eat something hardy before your major Smorgasbord meal, but something light. I always like to eat some fruit and granola before I go.
  4. Bring a water bottle – why pay for water if you don’t have to?

So now that you have arrived, it’s time to chose the tastiest and most instagram-worthy eats.

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