Pat McGrath: Beauty’s Fairy Tale Princess

By Dorothy Scarborough

You’ve definitely heard her name, you’ve probably seen her work, and maybe, just maybe you’ve attempted (and likely failed) to copy it. Pat McGrath is nothing short of a makeup goddess, her ability to push every boundary making her one of the most well-known makeup artists in the business.

Recently she launched an eyeshadow so cool, it seemed to grow into it-girls beauty bags from the moment of its launch. The product was flawless and the packaging was spectacular, the bag full of glitter just seemed to make you feel happy – that said when you got to the register, you felt like you were paying for it, but it really was an amazing product.

Now McGrath is taking on the Kardashians in her new glitter lip kits, actually inspired by makeup she did at last fall’s Versace show. The kits have already been endorsed by Bella Hadid and Naomi Cambell. They are just as splendid as her first product if not more so- each one includes two matte lipsticks, vinyl gloss, metallic gold pigment, and glitter to play with, again in that beautiful glitter packaging. Yes it is most definitely play time again!

The set is already sold out her website, but fear not Sephora is launching them on the 8th (with Sephora insider’s having access on the 6th) for $60 (or $25 for just the lipstick and $150 for all of the colors).


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