Bangs: The Hollywood Power Move?

By Sabrina Slagowitz

Haircuts can be life-changing or life-ruining and bangs are no exception. For mere mortals, bangs are a commitment, an essentially life-altering choice. They require access to hair products, constant blow-dryer use, and most importantly the patience and funds to get them constantly trimmed. Bangs can make or break you, and as a two-time recipient of them, I can tell you that they will do both. During winter, blunt or piecy bangs can be a success, but summer humidity will make bangs impossible. They are a way to change things up or signal a new phase in a semi-familiar manner. For celebrities, however, bangs are nothing more than an accessory.

Singers and actors alike will never experience the regret that comes with having to endlessly grow out a hairstyle that once seemed like a freeing decision, because for these celebrities’ bangs can be a tiny life phase. With glam squads on call, getting bangs can be as easy as wearing a new nail polish, but unlike that new color, can be used to send a message. Selena Gomez used her bangs to signal a grown-up front after the release of her new album. But bangs transformative power is not limited to modern stars. In the 1950’s baby bangs were used by Sandra Dee and Skeeter Davis to signify innocence, yet Bettie Page converted the hairstyle to her trademark sexuality. In the 60’s bangs were a rebellious statement when appearing on such artists as Jane Birkin and Patti Smith who wore them straight and wispy and glamorous when appearing on more accessible artists such as Nancy Sinatra who wore them doused in hair spray and with beehives and curls. The 90’s brought Courtney Love’s baby bangs in contrast with All Saints and Christina Aguilera, whose bangs with center-parted. The latest start to try out this popular trend is Arianna Grande,who made the cut 3 weeks ago in deviation from her traditional look. What her new cut signals can only be discovered in time.

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