Dear All,

I could say that this website is three years in the making, though most  assuredly not in the way it now exists. From when I was about twelve, I wanted to start a blog; at the time, my go to was Fast-forward a couple of years to September of 2015 when I launched my own called It’s okay if you never read it; I never really tried to publicize it, and I understand now that that was because I didn’t feel proud of it. I felt like I was boxing myself in by making a fashion blog, I wanted to talk about everything I care about, and a fashion blog just isn’t the best platform for that.

I had to brainstorm for a while about what type of platform would allow    me to do everything; an online magazine seemed to fit the checklist. From this website my colleagues and I will be talking about news: fashion and otherwise,  writing editorials, creating playlists for every occasion, interviewing the coolest people we know (and obviously we are very cool so the people we know must be very cool as well 😉 ), exploring this wonderful city of New York, as well as far off places, maybe making a video or two, taking hundreds of gigabits of photos, but who knows, that’s the best part, we’re learning about the world at the same time you all are, and we’re changing  just as fast as Kylie Jenner’s hair, so every day you might find something new.

This month, my co-editor Sabrina and I have written about a range of topics from   current situations like the Ryan Lochte Scandal and the Burkini to editorials about the current world including the rise of the blogger and Zara’s unique business model. Now, it’s easy to say that these have little in common, but really they are all products of our time. Lochte is a good example of the constant errors of the rich and famous, their downfalls and the quick spread of information as well as error in our society. The Monday after the incident, whether we read it on the Snapchat Daily Mail story or the New York Times, reporters wanted so much to report the story that no one did any actually investigating into the story before it was published. Our media has no choice than to get the information out – no longer do we care so much about the content so much as the headline and the  speed of the information. We follow a story, we don’t learn about the whole thing, and as a result details are often left out or incorrect. The news consumer is obsessed with speed, just as the fashion consumer is obsessed with the speed. Staying on trend is incredibly difficult, but it has become easier with the emergence of fast fashion giants like H&M, Forever21, and of course the subject of the article: Zara, but Zara is set apart from its competitors because of its keen ability to incorporate high fashion into their speed-based business model.


I hope you enjoy this, our first issue of The Trim Magazine,

Dorothy, Sabrina and the Trim Magazine Staff


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